Sep 11, 2010

Higher powers

Sometimes I just don't get it.. What is there to argue about among the different religions?? Why the big fuss with regards to what others do or don't do??

My take on these arguments is very simple:
If you think that YOUR religion is THE right/only ONE, then you should be happily assured that when judgment day comes, those who don't believe what you believed will all be damned and send to Hell or whatever horrible place you believed in.. at that time, you can laugh at their faces when you are "lifted up into the Heaven" by your CREATOR(aka GOD/ALLAH/Buddha/Whoever-you-believed).. Isn't it better for you since it will be less "crowded" in Heaven/Nirvana/Jannah or wherever place that "good" people, according to your religion, will go? Isn't Salvation the best revenge??

Seriously there is no need for any retaliation actions towards those whom you think is damaging your religion, because you WILL have the last laugh. You can try to stop them or talk them out of those actions, but if they refuse to then it is their own undoing.. Because ultimately you will be "saved" and they will be "damned".. Isn't that good enough "punishment"? Why the need to get blood/life on your hands??

Thus all you need to do is to keep to your religious teachings, do whatever that is asked of you (without hurting or troubling other people) and be good to everyone, even those who don't believe what you believed.. You can preach to them and try to persuade them to believe, but if they don't want to embrace what you are offering, then let them be.. It is a choice they made.. You tried but they didn't wanna listen.. so too bad for them and you move on.. You just try to be as good a person as you can be.. and in the end, you will be rewarded.. isn't that simple??

You don't have to defend your religion with extreme actions.. Let the punishment be dealt by your CREATOR.. We are civilized beings, we have souls and conscious, we don't have to resort to violence. It is not a matter of NOT defending your religion, it is more of the choice of people rejecting your religion with extreme means. If they are not revered by the divinity of your CREATOR, do you think they will be cowed by your mortal strength??

With regards to religion, I have my 3 simple rules..
No. 1 : Everyone is entitled to believe whatever they want to believe.. that is the freedom of choice.. you can pray 5 times a day or not at all.. you can abstain from beef, pork or any meat.. you can wear mini-skirts, long-sleeves shirts or even cross-dressed.. you can celebrate Christmas in June or Buddha's birthday in December.. you can sing the Psalms in hip-hop or chant the mantra with rap music... what you do as part of YOUR religion is YOUR business.. or rather YOUR business with the GOD/ALLAH/Buddha/WHOEVER that you believed in.. as long as you do it in your OWN house or house of worship, no one is harmed and no civic law is broken in the process.. cos seriously, who are we to tell them that they are wrong?? We are ALL MORTALS!! If I don't wanna believe in what you believed, even after you have told me of my "guaranteed" redemption and "terrible" retribution, then it shall be my cross to bear, isn't it?

No. 2: No one has the right to dictate what other people should or shouldn't do, in the name of the religion.. Unless one can bring concrete proof that their religion is the ONE TRUE religion, they should just keep their religious tentacles away from other people.. No one has the authority nor right to condemn, punish or judge other people, not even the Vatican, the imams, religious monks/shamans or whoever.. why? because we are ALL MORTALS!! Condemnation, punishment and judgment can only be made by THE Supreme Being, if one is religious, which could be God, Allah, Buddha or whoever one believes in.

No. 3: There is no good or bad religion. Only bad practitioners.. All the holy books and scriptures preach goodness and altruism, but they have no life of their own.. They had to be interpreted by human, but when human do that, it deviates from its true form. Why? (all together now) because we are ALL MORTALS!! We have feelings and emotions, needs and wants.. We project them, consciously or unconsciously, on everything we do.. And we ultimately corrupt everything we come in contact with, even though we might have made it better in the beginning. In my opinion, everyone is fallible and is capable of performing unimaginable feats of benevolence or cruelty.. and there is always darkness in every saint and light in every devil..

Why are some religions getting very bad press? It is not because of the religion itself, but the people who are practicing it.. One man up-ship or "holier than thou" is the problem.. whether you are pious or not, your CREATOR will know.. whether you are living your life abiding by your CREATOR's rules, your CREATOR will know.. you don't have to broadcast to everyone.. you don't have to advertise or publicize your good deeds.. Your CREATOR will know if you were sincere or pretentious when you do those deeds.. you should be seeking approval and acceptance from your CREATOR, not fellow mortals..

Religion is a private matter.. you don't need to publicize how pious, holy or righteous you are. HE/SHE/THEY will know.. that is why HE/SHE/THEY are the Supreme Beings and we are mere mortals, isn't it?

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