Dec 20, 2010

and the leaks spread..

Seems like the leaks from Wikileaks have found its way to SEA and muddied the "chummy good" relations between Bolehland and the Lion City..

Seriously, what is the big deal?? Those opinions are widely held by anyone with common sense and logical (critical) mind. No? Then answer these questions yourself: Heard anything recently about the billion-dollar-submarine that can't dive? Or the 5 billion (Ringgit) tower our PM still wanna built? Or why the recent sudden sneaky cut in subsidies? Or why the sudden coziness shown by our PM to Singapore (a visit in May and then again in Sep)?

Because... drum roll please... the country is going bankrupt!! Why do I say so?? The following is my take on the situation..

American and European countries are reluctant to do business with us because of all the "required" under-table dealings. In fact, most countries or companies are avoiding our shores, unless they get a "good deal" from the government (meaning they can exploit us and we can't complain/protest due to some "special connection" they have with those in power). Heard of any big "clean" MNC investment in the country?? Or any big company that provides employment opportunities to LOCAL people?? There are a few new companies who invested in the country, but they employ FOREIGN workers (from China, The Philippines, Burma, Vietnam, India, etc). And why is that so?

Well, our labor cost are no longer cheap (compared to Vietnam and Cambodia) nor is our workforce good (with bad English and lousy work ethics compared to Thailand and Indonesia). Of course, we still have hardworking and competent professionals but they are the minorities. FDI are flowing into every SEA country, except us. So where is the government going to get the money to do all those "expensive" projects listed in the latest budget?? All the allocated budget for infrastructure projects have been or will be greatly inflated to make sure "everyone" in power gets a share. So to say that we have "incompetent" leaders is just being (way too) polite. We actually have idiots/bigots/ass-kissers, on top of being corruptors for ministers.

And in my opinion, the main reason for our PM to visit our "dearest" neighbor is to get $$$ for the KTM land in Lion City. Previous administration did not want to "surrender" those lands because the man in-charged then had this thing against that country. But now, with money running out, it is time to "sell" whatever they can while they are still in power. And the nuclear project that we are going into? Another scheme to siphon money out of the country by awarding the multi-billion project to (possibly highly dubious) companies after seeking advice from so-called international "consultants" (who cons and insult our intelligence ). And do you trust any company, especially TNB, to take charge of the running of the nuclear reactor?? I for one do NOT trust them at all, because of all the frequent and recent occurrence of power failures that I encountered the last 14 months. So maybe it is time for local insurance companies to add in a clause in their home insurance to exclude coverage for "nuclear fallout"! :x

The government kept telling the people to tighten their belts, be more prudent in spending, yet the fellas in power kept building bigger and grander white elephants. How to convince the people that they need to start saving or they need to elevate their competitiveness/productivity when the government kept telling everyone that everything is okay when it is clearly not? On one hand, the government proclaim that our economy is doing okay and everything is hunky dory, then on the other hand, they kept "threatening/scaring" us into believing that the country is heading into bankruptcy if we don't tighten our belts. So why the "bipolar" proclamation?? Cos they have to hide the bad news from the people long enough to gain another term in office to continue plundering the country!!

So now, not only is the country being ruined by incompetent leaders, it will soon be threatened by a possibility of a nuclear fallout!!

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