Dec 9, 2010



作词:林夕 作曲:陈小霞

若这一束吊灯倾泻下来       If this chandelier is to fall now,
或者我 已不会存在             I would not be around anymore,
即使你不爱                        even if you do not love me,
亦不需要分开                     and we do not need to be apart.

若这一刻我竟严重痴呆       If this very moment I have Alzheimer,
根本不需要被爱                 I would not need to be loved,
永远在床上发梦                 as I'll always be in my dreams,
余生都不会再悲哀              and I shall never feel sadness ever again.

人总需要勇敢生存             We need to be brave to go on living.
我还是重新许愿                 I would like to make a new wish:
例如学会 承受失恋            to be able to live with a broken heart.

明年今日 别要再失眠         Today next year, I do not want to be sleepless anymore.
床褥都改变 如果有幸会面  Things has changed, if we are to meet again.
或在同伴新婚的盛宴         Or at our friends' wedding,
惶惑地等待你出现            I would still be waiting anxiously to see you again.

明年今日 未见你一年        This day next year, haven't seen you for a year.
谁舍得改变 离开你六十年  Who would bear to change, leaving you for 60 years
但愿能认得出你的子女      I can only wish to recognize your children,
临别亦听得到你讲再见      and to hear you say goodbye before I die.

在有生的瞬间能遇到你      Meeting you ever so briefly in my life,
竟花光所有运气                had exhausted all my luck..
到这日才发现                   Only today do I realize,
曾呼吸过空气                   that I had once lived..

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