Dec 12, 2010



Hard to find a word that conveys the nuance of 温柔.
It is a mixture of tenderheartedness, gentleness and sensitivity.
And I believe in the realm of emotions/relationship, I am 温柔.
I am not one to beg or pester when a relationship ends, but just walk away silently and bear the heartache alone. I am no martyr but I am no beggar either.. I know when to fight and when to give up a lost cause.

作詞:阿信 作曲:阿信 編曲:五月天

走在風中 今天陽光 突然好溫柔
天的溫柔 地的溫柔 像你抱著我
然後發現 你的改變 孤單的今後
如果冷 該怎麼渡過
Walking in the wind,
the sun's ray suddenly felt warm today.
Warmth of the sky and the land,
just like your embrace.
Then I realize the change in you,
ah, the loneliness of the days ahead,
when I feel cold, how would I get through it?

天邊風光 身邊的我 都不在你眼中
你的眼中 藏著什麼 我從來都不懂
沒有關係 你的世界 就讓你擁有
不打擾 是我的溫柔
The sights and sounds of the world outside,
meant more to you than having me beside you.
I can never figure it out,
what's hidden behind your eyes.
No worries, I will grant you the world,
not getting in your way is my 温柔。

不知道 不明瞭 不想要 為什麼 我的心
明明是想靠近 卻孤單到黎明
I do not know, I do not understand,
and I do not want to know why;
Although my heart wanna get close to yours,
I stayed with my shadow till dawn..

不知道 不明瞭 不想要 為什麼 我的心
那愛情的綺麗 總是在孤單裡 再把我的最好的愛給你
I do not know, I do not understand,
and I do not want to know why.
The splendor of love always resides in lonesomeness,
nevertheless I will still give my heart and my love to you.

不知不覺 不情不願 又到巷子口
我沒有哭 也沒有笑 因為這是夢
沒有預兆 沒有理由 你真的有說過
如果有 就讓你自由
Unwittingly and reluctantly,
I've reached the end of the road.
I did not cry nor did I laugh, as this is just a dream.
You said that there is no omen nor reason;
Even if there was, I will still grant you your freedom.

As this is my 温柔.

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