Jan 21, 2011

Being mean

I must admit, I can be quite a b***h at times.. especially to those who wanna "act cute" with me.. or "play innocent".. oh.. and don't try to palsy-walsy with me when we are not THAT close in the first place..

Sorry folks, I am not one who will "succumb" to coquettish of any random acquaintance.. What I want is genuine sincerity, not some meaningless jesting or customary courtesy .. I don't have time to "play games" or sweet talk.. not even over MSN.. I can be caring, funny and entertaining while chatting.. BUT only if we are "sufficiently" acquainted... then we can have bantering/flirting/teasing and some (fun/harmless) sarcasm thrown in.. who knows, I might even share a secret or two with you along the way.. :p

Maybe people have a different "definition" of FRIEND.. Maybe mine is higher.. I don't go around and get chummy with everyone I know.. In fact, I am quite distant and unapproachable.. However, there has been some improvement to that in the last few years. I realized that I can be sociable and entertaining if I want to. Do take note of the keyword here, "if I want to".. ;) :p

Anyway, once I look upon you as a friend, you will be one forever.. even if we haven't meet up for ages, a friend shall forever be a friend.. even though I know the feeling might not be mutual.. so unless you did something unforgivably wrong/hurtful, you are "stuck" on my list as a friend.. :) I am willing to do anything within my means (and much more) to help and support anyone whom I regards as friend.. so until then, you are either "barely acquainted", "acquaintance/colleague/classmate" or just "potential friend" in my books...

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