Jan 7, 2011

so on those 12 days of Christmas..

Thus... all together now...

On the 12th day of Christmas my true said to me...

From now onwards, I shall "Feel" more and think less..

I am glad that I had a part in the "Times of Your Life"..

I shall forever remember the "The Way We Were"..

I believe somewhere "Over the Rainbow" lie the things I am looking for..

I know I "Can't Fight the Moonlight" thus I shall embrace it..
I will be "Searchin' My Soul" and be true to myself..

To "Change the World" I need to change myself first..

I am "The Rose" and I know not everyone knows how to appreciate me...

I shall not shed anymore "Tears" for someone who doesn't deserves it..

It might take "Longer" than usual, but I will get to my destination eventually..

I shall "Let It Go" for I am looking forward for new hopes and possibilities..

And I believe that you will need to "Love Yourself" cos if you don't, no one else will..

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