Jan 13, 2011

Wishes for Brisbane..

Saw the devastating news clips from CNN about the flooding in Brisbane City..

It is so unreal and unbelievable.. I can't help myself but to shed tears when looking at those photos of devastation.. It was one thing to hear and see news about flooding in other smaller (but no less important) cities/towns, but quite another to see the capital city of Queensland (the third-largest city in Australia), one that I've just visited less than 2 years ago, to go underwater! It is beyond words!!

Let me show you a few photos that I've taken when I was there for Christmas in 2009.. and please keep in mind that some of these ground/roads you see in these photos are either submerged under water or have been swept away by the current, or both....


I've strolled along the Brisbane River.. visited the Queensland Art Gallery... walked across the Goodwill Bridge where I took these photos.. wandered around South Bank Parklands.. explored Queensland University of Technology's Gardens Point Campus.. and window-shopped around the city center and the CBD area..  Compare these pictures with the ones you see of the flooding.. and this video taken yesterday...  it is just so heartbreaking..

Sadly, not just Australia is suffering from floods, but the Phillipines, Brazil  and Sri Lanka are being crippled by floods too..
My thoughts and wishes to all those affected... Stay strong!

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