Jan 15, 2011

Taking classes *Updates

Okay, after my initial amazement with the website that I've stumbled upon, I later found out that most, if not all these videos are taken from public domain and that there is no infringement of copyright.

In case you are interested, here are some of the links that I've gathered.

Open Culture (has 300 free online courses, from many universities)
Virtual Professors
Online Education Database (another listings of courses, but dated 2007)
Open Yale courses
Harvard University Extension School
MIT Open Courseware
Carnegie Melon's Open Learning Initiative

I have to admit that I am very excited about all the courses available. :) :) :) There is no pre-requisites nor is there any assignments or exams. And sometimes it is better to go for introductory classes to get some basic understanding before dwelling deeper into a subject, especially for topics that are hard/difficult to read on our own...

Seriously, with all these free online courses, anyone with a decent internet connection, lots of self-discipline and a real passion for learning can enrich his/her knowledge without having to enroll in a university. Of course, those who are excited about these free online courses will be those who are contended with (just) learning, minus the "piece of paper" that most people strive for. If you want that "piece of paper", you will have to pay big money for it.. plain and simple..

So to my fellow "classmates", Happy Learning!!

p/s: I am currently "taking" Philosophy - Death. :)

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