Dec 31, 2007

Looking back..

In just a few hours, the year 2008 will be upon us.. Don't plan to go anywhere.. No countdown parties or whatever.. I've always liked to stay in and reflect upon the year that is going to pass.. :)

What a year it was for me in 2007.. When I applied for the Monbusho scholarship in Feb 2006, I never thought that I would get it.. Even after I had cleared all the stages and submitted my choice universities, I didn't really think that I would be shortlisted as, in my opinion, I was not the ideal candidate.. The dream of studying full-time again was more like my secret escapism, from the everyday mundane work life that I had been living for the past 8+ years, that I allowed myself to indulge in.. But what do you know, Life seems to have some plans for me.. So once again, I had to leave the environment that I have grown accustomed & attached to and start afresh in an 'alien' world.. Alien to me in a way that I am handicapped by its language and culture.. As someone who needs to be in control, no matter what, and being in a place where I can't express myself effectively (even when I speak more than 3 languages), living in Japan is one of the biggest challenges in my life so far..

Even though I am still having doubts about my decision to take up this scholarship and quit my interesting job (especially right after a big fat increment), I aim to stick to this and try to gain as much knowledge/growth/whatever as possible from this experience. In the year 2009, I would need to start looking for a job, since I would be graduating in July that year.. so I will treat the year 2008 as the year where I will try and maximize this experience - study harder (especially Japanese) and play harder. Where else can I have more than 18 weeks of holidays per year to indulge in my interests/hobbies if not while in school? :)

Although people say that new year resolutions are made to be unkept, I would still make them.. Thus in the year 2008, I would hope to:

  • Stay healthy and lose more weight.
  • Master Japanese and clear JLPT 2 (at least).
  • Explore Japan more.
  • Travel to (at least 2) other neighboring countries/cities (China/HK/Macau/Taiwan/Korea)
  • Keep/Update/Refresh my professional and technical knowledge
  • Be open and stay truthful to my believes, feelings and myself..
  • Continue growing - spiritually and mentally

Don't think I will put "Make more friends" as one of my resolutions.. Never the social butterfly and always the loner, I would prefer to use my time for more productive (in my opinion) activities..Don't see the point of knowing everyone but trusting no one.. I always believe the phrase, "True friends last forever", and I hope to believe that I am being considered as a true friend by some of my friends..

In 2007, many of my friends too have embarked on a new journey in their lives.. Some had gotten married, some had a baby, some relocated overseas because of their jobs, some progressed on in their professionals.. Each and every events is a milestone in their lives and had helped them grow, whether they knew it or not.. People change every day, every week, every month and every year.. Every one of us can only hope that those changes are for the better, even if in hindsight..

So to all my family, relatives and friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!! And may it be a fruitful year for everyone!! :)

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Gnurou said...

Happy new year! I just experienced Japanese new year celebration, which consists in staying two hours long in the cold to reach the shrine to throw a coin away... :p