Oct 31, 2012


First, my thoughts and prayers to those who are affected by Superstorm Sandy. Please do stay safe.

I have been following CNN’s coverage of Sandy’s destruction these past 24 hours. It’s unbelievable the extent of the damages it had caused in the Eastern Seaboard of the US. In my mind, it rivaled the 2010-2011 floods in Brisbane and the Mar 11 tsunami in Japan. Mother Nature is showing us her fury and reminds us of our fragility as a species.

I've lived in Japan and now I am in Taiwan. Both countries suffer from the same natural occurrences of earthquakes and typhoons. Though the magnitudes and impact areas differ, the dangers and damages posed by these two natural phenomena always hang over every person who lives in these two countries. So far, I am blessed and was never in harm’s way when either one of them hits. The sense of helplessness and despondent is not something I would want to feel. I might bitch about the weather and stuff, but I am grateful that I did not find myself in any dangerous situations. And most importantly, I am grateful that no friends nor relatives of mine was affected by the flood in Brisbane nor hurt in the earthquake in Japan last year.

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