Jan 8, 2008

After the long winter..

Managed to wake up (after 3 different alarm settings of my mobile phone :p) and got to school early, just like I always do.. I never like to rush and would prefer to do things on MY timing. So I would usually leave my room around 7:50am and would arrive at Takadanobaba Station about 8:10am.. the 1.7km walk from the station to my class would take an average 20 minutes, so I would be in class around 8:30am and classes start at 9am. Today was no different.. :)

Luckily today is Tuesday, so no Monday-Blues problem.. and the first class was Reading class, which happens to be my favourite class for this semester.. Hamada-Sensei is very nice and she makes the lesson fun.. thus no stress at all during her class.. and I realised that I speak up more during her class than any other Japanese classes.. :p

As I have been sleeping late (around 3am) and waking up late (around 11am) during the winter holidays, I was having a hard time trying to stay awake during the 1.5 hour break before my Pronunciation class at 1pm.. but I survived.. :p

Then it was another 1.5 hour wait before my next class, which is one of my Masters class.. I went to our graduate school's student lounge hoping to check my emails and surf some Net, when I received an email from my research lab's Senpai.. He wanted me to 'help' another (lady) Senpai with an important report.. well, since he asked me to help and also I had volunteered my service in the morning when I heard that the report has yet to be written, I had no choice but to do it.. 但是我有点气 :@ 为什么呢? 第一,那位女前辈是做相关的博士研究,所以理应比我这个门外汉更懂得如何写一份3页不到的报告。。加上如果她遇到了什么困难,比如说资料不足或是观点不全面,大可在冬假时叫我们(我还有另一位修士班的女同学)帮忙啊! 唉。。研究室的前辈之中竟然有这种咖?真让我大跌眼镜。。可是仔细回想一下,到目前为止,研究室中“有料”的前辈或是同辈没几个。。很多在我眼里都是在浑水摸鱼或是无法在社会立足才念修士/博士的。但我想自己很快也会变成他们的一份子了。。因为我意识到我无需放我十成的功力,六七成就绰绰有余了。。所以我会把重心放在掌握日语及充实自己这两方面上。。

I roughly drafted the content of the report during that 1.5 hours and then went back after my last class to write it down properly. I sent the report to the team, including the Senpai in-charged. Hopefully, what I wrote would be acceptable and usable..

At the end of the day, I had to write a speech for my Pronunciation class and another report to write for the last class... :( Think most probably I would be writing lots of reports (for my Masters classes) and speeches (for my Japanese classes) these few weeks before I can go home for CNY.. :( :( Given a choice, I would rather have the datelines of those (Masters) reports extended to mid February (and 'affect' my CNY celebration in Malaysia) so I could do more research and produce a good report, than to rush for a nearer dateline that I would most probably write lots of B.S...

Anyway, this was what transcribed on my first day of school in 2008... :x

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