Jan 4, 2008

Tokyo Motor Show 2007

Sorry, this is a very very very late entry.. I was too lazy to arrange, name and upload the photos and video that I've taken during the exhibition.. which was held in November..

Tokyo Motor Show is held every 2 years, so the attendance for the show was very good.. All the guys there were having this euphoric smile on their faces.. Cos they get to indulge in their 2 main fantasies in public: fast cars/bikes and pretty ladies.. :p

I took about 100 photos and some videos.. You can see the photos through the link at the right hand panel of this blog.. I only took pictures of the bikes and cars that I think are nice.. so this is definitely NOT a comprehensive record of the Motor Show..

Here are the videos that I took..
Peugeot 207W

Mercedes C300



You can see from the videos that there are always pretty girls standing near the cars.. They are obliged to stand and pose for the viewers to take photos.. So many of the guys came with SLRs that are able to zoom and take close-ups.. Some of the girls are skimpily dressed and posed with provocative poses.. Wherever you see a huge crowd, you know there must be one or more models posing for pictures.. :p

I've also taken some brochures, knowing fully that I wouldn't be looking at them at all.. but it was too tempting not to take them.. :p :p Even though I haven't drove for almost 13 years nor rode a motorbike for more than 10 years, I still like to entertain the notion of owning those slick/stylish machines.. :) So most probably I will bring them back to Malaysia with me in Feb and add to the clutter at home.. :p

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