Jan 14, 2008

Out of Service II

Yep, was down with running nose again this weekend.. this time it came with a sore throat too.. :( luckily (?), after much rest, keeping warm and drinking lots of water, I am feeling much better now..

Although these 3 days there is no school for me, I have lots to do.. I have 3 individual and 1 group reports to write, 2 speeches to prepare, 1 speech's slides to get ready, 1 grammar exam this coming Friday to study, 1 survey website to create for my data analysis class and some errands my Prof wants me to do.. :( :( :x :x

I managed to finish 1 individual report, both speeches and the survey website. I shall be doing the slides and try to study for the grammar exam.. However, I must confess that my heart is still wandering out there.. it has not really came back since the winter holidays.. :p

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