Jan 15, 2008

Under 5 today..

Well, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the weather in Tokyo area today was hovering between 3 to 7 during the day... :x :x

Those who had worked with me know that I am very very very adversed to cold temperature/weather.. during the time I worked in Visa, I would give whomever that lowered the office thermostat to under 21 degree a piece of my mind! And now here I am... living in a place where the daily temperature is slowly reaching freezing point.. :x :( :x I think I shall give ski-ing or whatever snow-related activities a miss for this year.. maybe next year, my body is more acceptable to the coldeness.. and until I get used to the bloody weather I shall always keep myself out of cold's way.. :p

Arh... how I missed the bright warm sun of the tropics!! I want the SUN!!!

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