Jan 7, 2008

School starts (again) tomorrow...

Ah... my first winter holidays has come to an end.. :( :( time really flies especially when it was such an enjoyment..

Tomorrow will be my first day of school.. and in less than 1 month, this semester will over and I will be going back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year and Singapore to visit my friends... :) :)

So what have I done these last 14 days?? Well, I read 5 books, I watched about 3 months' worth of Taiwanese variety shows (康熙来了, 国光帮帮忙, 开运万事通, 大小爱吃, 麻辣天后宮 etc..), some US reality shows (Amazing Race and Survivor China), a lot of documentaries (from WWII to Roman Empire to Intelligence Design) and plenty of movies (English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese).. Of course, on top of these, I had to do some research for my Masters.. so the matter of fact is that I barely left my room.. :p and seriously there was no reason or attraction for me to go out at all..

Like I said in one of my earlier blog, I am an information junkie.. When I am interested in a topic, I would read/watch/surf (the net) for anything and everything concerning it.. after that I would move on to another new topic.. but my interest on some of the topics will always remain.. topics like psychology/human behavior, astrology/fortune-telling and world history are my favorites.. thus the fact that I am currently a student gives me the time to explore more on my interests, in addition to my (professional) knowledge seeking.. although I will go out more this year as part of my new year resolution.. :)

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