Jan 19, 2008

Masak Masak III

As the weather gets colder, I tend to cook more as the food sold in the convenient stores could no longer be as piping hot.. Even though the walk from the convenient stores to my dorm room takes no longer than 7 minutes, the food that was microwaved in the convenient store could not remain as hot as I liked as the wind kept howling away.. :( Add to that, I am getting sick of the food offered in those places...

This is the Japanese version of "yong tao fu".. :) I bought the ingredients from the supermarket for around 350yen (i think) and just throw them into the rice cooker when the water was boiling.. the taste wasn't not too bad.. but I do miss the yong tau fu's sweet sauce.. :p

After eating so much soupy instant noodles, I had some craving for fried noodles... so I bought packets of 焼きそば-kind of noodles, some fish cakes and cooked this pot of fried noodles, again, using my multi-purpose rice cooker!! :p 3 small packets of uncooked noodles around 500g, with some sauces cost between 150 to 200yen..

Other than that, I like to cook a pot of rice and just eat with some of the instant dishes that are readily sold in the supermarkets which only requires some heating up.. There are a lot of different kinds of dishes available, like Japanese curry, Indian curry, Thai curry, Chinese mixed vegetables, Beef-don, Oyako-don (Egg and chicken), mixed vegetables, Mo-bo toufu (麻婆豆腐) etc.. All of them are one meal portion for 1 person.. So what I normally do would to just place the packet inside the rice cooker to warm it up and then just pour it onto a bowl of rice.. Fast and easy.. If there is extra rice, I would freeze them up and then have fried rice some other day.... :)

Usually I would get packets of frozen mixed vegetables (carrots, peas and corns) and just add them into my instant noodles while I cooked.. Sometimes, if there is meat balls on sale, I would get them too.. with an egg, some meat balls and some mixed vegetables, a simple bowl of instant noodles could also become quite nutritious.. :) It is remarkable how much one could improvise using just a rice cooker!! :) :)

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KittyCat said...

Hi! You're such a good cook - I would have just used the Maggi mee straight out of the pack =)

Post some snows pics ok? Must be really pretty!!!