Jan 5, 2008

Speed Bump

One of my strength, i think, is the ability to speed read.. I can finish 1 paperback of about 700 pages within 6 hours, on average.. However, since coming over to Japan, I've not been reading as much as I want to, as there are way too many distractions.. :p

For this winter holidays, I have borrowed a couple of books from Waseda's Central Library on diverse topics, from religion (Holy Blood, Holy Grail), to autobiography (Hillary Rodham Clinton's Living History) to contemporary (The Lexus and the Olive Tree) to culture (The misunderstood Japanese) and many more, and yet, I am not able to finish reading them in the time frame that I've set. Maybe it's because of the complicated topics and heavy contents that are more difficult to digest than fiction.. Regardless, I need to regain my speed in reading.. For the past few years, while working in Singapore, I've been reading an average of 60-70 books a year (both English and Chinese, in total), not counting those weekly magazines, like TIMES.. So for 2008, I would hope to read 80 books.. that will be an average of 3 books every 2 weeks..

So.. Ready.. Get Set... READ!! :p

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