Aug 12, 2013


Never got into any fights when I was in school. Maybe because I was taller (and bigger) than most my age, even the boys. Heck, I was even taller than my primary school principal, whom wasn’t very tall, when I was in Primary Six! So I think people would normally think twice about starting any confrontations with me.

Never had the urge to start any fights or quarrel. Maybe because I don’t believe that problems can be solved with fists. Physical aggression might win the battle, but it will definitely lose the war. As there will definitely be bigger fists and stronger punches out there. And I believe that the ‘destruction’ created by passive-aggressive behavior (within the realm of social protest, not in psychology or personality) is far greater than pure aggression. :P

I won’t provoke but I won’t take any crap from anyone. If I want to seek revenge, I won’t confront him/her head on. I will use, or should I say, manipulate, the system to fight my fight or to make my point. He/She won’t even know what happened. I am willing to bide my time to find the perfect moment to strike. However, for the above to happen, the pre-requisite would be that I want to get back/even. Most of the times, I can’t be bothered. I have better things to do with my time and my resources. Life is too short. Ignore all morons. :)

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