Aug 18, 2013


I hate shopping.. but I love grocery shopping..

There is a supermarket (全聯福利中心) less than 8 minutes’ walk from my place. So it is pretty convenient for me to drop by on my way home from school. It is kinda small, as it only occupies the first floor of a small building. Most of the food products in the supermarket are produced locally, with quite a portion of them coming from Mainland China. Even before all the brouhaha about toxic ingredients, additives and whatnot in food products here, I have always try to buy different products from different manufacturers. Most of the time, I try to buy raw and fresh ingredients instead of processed food products.

nothing beats pasta from Italy!
And if I am in the mood or have errands to run outside of Tamsui, I will always go to a Carrefour hypermart 45 minutes train ride away. Recently Carrefour opened a branch in Tamsui but I’ve yet to figure out how to get there as it is tucked away in one of the housing areas far away from the MRT station. I usually buy ‘Western’ products there, like freshly baked whole meal bread, home brand cereals and muesli bars, chocolate and chocolate cookies from Europe, pasta sauces, and seasonings. Mostly dried and light stuff, since I need to take a train and a bus back to my place.

I can spend hours wandering through the aisles of a hypermarket, looking at products and merchandises. I like the variety and I like having choices, although many times I tend to stick to brands that I am familiar with. Most of all, I like finding interesting products from ‘exotic’ or uncommon places like Turkey, Iran, Poland and Russia. When I do find these unusual products, I will usually give them a try.

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