Aug 2, 2013


We don’t know what we can endure until we had to. Bad things happen to good people. Especially to good people. We all have our own stories about the horrible things that had happened to us. Things that shouldn’t had happened to us. Things that was unfair. Well, guess what, that’s life.

Life.. with its ups and downs..
I am not trivializing the real misery and hardships that many in this world still have to endure. I can only imagine what some of them are going through on a daily basis. Nonetheless, when adversity strikes, we can choose to look at the bright side. That may not be the instinctual thing to do for most of us, me included. It is all too easy to give up and/or feel sorry for ourselves. It is very easy to play the ‘victim’. It is very easy to blame everyone, including God. It is very easy to wish/pray for miracles that may not come. All these may make us feel better, but the ‘bad’ things won’t miraculously go away or things go back to what it was. Yet it is always the things that are hard to do which are worth doing.. 

Pain in life is a given, but suffering is a choice.” 

We should not be spending all our time and energy bemoaning and complaining about these misfortunes. We should ditch the self-pitying and strive to overcome them. At least that’s what I did and shall continue to do. 

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