Aug 17, 2013


I have a sweet tooth. I like chocolates. Not milk chocolates but dark chocolates, especially those between 70 to 90% cocoa. I also love chocolates with nuts, be it hazelnut, almonds, macadamia or others. I like jelly beans too. Love its colorfulness and obscenely artificial flavor/taste. I like cakes, toffees, M&Ms and ice-creams (except vanilla flavored ones) too.

However, I don’t like marshmallows, anything with strawberries, gummy bears, sodas and caramel. As I am aware that my metabolism is slowing as age is catching up on me, I eat everything in moderation nowadays. I won't deny my craving, but just enough to satisfy it. I've become very conscious about my intake of sugary/sweet food/drinks. In fact, I’ve not had any sodas or the famous TW bubble tea for almost 2 months now. I’m also trying to change my habit of drinking bottled orange juice.

Although I prefer sweet to salty, there are times when I do have cravings for food seasoned with sodium chloride. When I cook, my dishes tend to be slightly toward the sweet side. 

Most of you may think that since I like sweet things, then I must dislike bitter food. Well, you are wrong. I like the taste of bitter too. Bitter medicine or food is okay by me. In fact, bitter gourd is one of my favorite vegetables. And the ones found in TW and JP are very much less bitter than those in MY/SG which to me has no ‘kick’. I would rather have bitter than sour food. Comparatively, my tolerance of sourness is very very low..

An acquaintance once said that those who like sweet/bitter are more accommodating in their relationships, while those who like salty/sour are more demanding. As much as I like to believe it to be so, I’m not sure how much truth is in there. What do you think? 

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